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Listed below are our 5 core values: Care, Innovation, Sustainability, Teamwork and Excellence.

We appreciate all feedback (positive or negative) from our clients in regard to us meeting these core values. Your feedback helps us to work better and ultimately provide a higher quality of service to you. 


- Respect patients doctors and coworkers

- Show empathy towards patients when in person and on the phone

- Actively listen to patients and coworkers

- Acknowledge patients at the desk before the phones

- Treat all patients, doctors and coworkers in a professional manner

- Meet the Doctors needs by ensuring the rooms are adequately stocked, clean and tidy each day

- Take pride and care in your surroundings, personally ensuring the waiting room and medical centre is a clean and comfortable place for patients to visit and coworkers to work

- Take personal responsibility for the care and well being of the patients you check into the waiting room by updating them on wait times and seeing to, within reason, their comfort

- Take personal responsibility for phone message coming through, ensuring they are addressed or handed over to other staff prior to leaving


- Show initiative by looking for solutions to problems you are faced with, to make your and others job's easier

- Ask for training if there is an area you feel you would like to know more about

- Identify areas for growth and development in your own career and in the growth of the business

- Embrace change

-Identify areas for improvement in your own training and in others

- Working on solutions to make the patient journey through medical centre easier, for the patient and for us

- Being aware when you are not coping with a difficult situation and seeking help from your coworkers to resolve the situation


- Learn from your mistakes

- Work as efficiently as possible by focusing on the tasks at hand

- Maintain a quality of productivity by working smarter not harder

- Be environmentally friendly by reducing waste, reusing and recycling

- Take patient payment on the day of the consultation to ensure the sustainability of the practice

- Responsible use of resources

- Take a break when necessary, ensuring others are aware of your absence 


- Take direction from managers and coworkers to enable the practice runs efficiently and smoothly

- Help your coworkers and doctors by working in a collaborative manner

- Maintain open and effective communication

- Boost your coworkers instead of dragging them down, making everyone feel like they are part of the team

- Embrace diversity and don't discriminate anyone on the basis of looks, race, gender, ability or beliefs

- Minimise conflict by understanding we are all different and have different opinions

- Accept criticism with professionalism and work together to develop a better outcome in the future


- Ensure all messages you pass onto others are accurate and done so in a timely manner

- Maintain personal honesty and integrity

- Own up to your mistakes, admit when an error is made and work toward a solution

- Follow practice procedures and policy by ensuring they are read and understood

- Maintain a professional reliability and availability by arriving to work on time and be willing to work to the businesses requirements

- Understand and acknowledge expectations by keeping up to date with the changes the business needs and expects

- Maintain a high quality of work by taking care and pride in your day to day duties, doing them to the best of your ability

- Triage not only your patients but your workload

- Ensure you are ready to finish your work by the expected time with all handover procedures completed

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