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I am pleased to formally introduce the “CST Clinic” to our patients on behalf of Dr. Jane Mittelstadt & myself.

With new changes to Cervical Screening having been implemented in Dec 2017, we thought it was time we commenced a Cervical Screening Test Clinic to benefit eligible women at the Oakden Medical Centre.

  • The clinic will initially run weekly on a Tuesday evening at Oakden with appointments available from 4 – 6 pm with the intention to expand.
  • Each appointment will be booked for 15 mins as any other concerns will be redirected back to your regular GP.
  • A consultation will include a thorough screening history with the CST performed by myself as I am accredited through Shine SA to safely & gently perform this procedure.
  •  Dr. Mittelstadt will be responsible for your Cervical Screening results. We intend to gain your consent regarding how you would like to receive your results (e.g. I am happy to receive a text message with my results / I would like to be rung / recalled etc.)
  • HCC clients and/or overdue private clients will be bulk billed whilst the remaining private patients will have a reduced gap of $15.00.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact Jane or myself.

Book now at 8266 7788 and commit to "getting it done" because now it is only every 5 years!

Alexandra Emerson is a Registered Nurse within the Windsor Village & Oakden Medical Centres

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