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You know the drill. You're lying in bed, exhausted and longing for sleep. But it seems your brain has other ideas. Why does our brain seem to cherry pick random, and somewhat negative, thoughts as we are trying to fall asleep?

It may feel like your brain is tormenting you, but according to clinical psychologists we do this out of the primitive need to protect ourselves. It's likely you are assessing your performance and looking out for your livelihood and for many people, such as young parents or those who work long hours, the time before bed may be the only chance they have to reflect on the day. This reflection can see a backlog of thoughts come flooding in at once. 

What can I do? It helps to write down solutions and insights. Then, if you start to worry at bedtime, you can say 'I already thought about that and have a plan. More worrying now will not help'." 

If you're really struggling to calm down your thoughts at night, speak to one of our GP's.

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