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"How can I reduce the numbers of medications I am taking?" is one of the more common questions we get asked in consultations. Assuming that you are taking these medications to lower your blood pressure, or lower your cholesterol, or improve the control of your diabetes, maybe the question needs to be:

"What changes can I make to my lifestyle to maintain the benefits that these tablets give me, but means that if I implement them I can cut back on some of the tablets?"

I'm glad you asked.

Physical activity is one of the most useful lifestyle modifications we have, as it can benefit us in so many different ways. These include:

- reduction in blood pressure
- improvements in your cholesterol profile
- for people with diabetes, improvements in sugar control (measured by HbA1c)
- improved sleep
- reduced symptoms of depression and other mental health issues
- assisting in weight reduction and maintenance of healthy weight

Current physical activity guidelines recommend that you will obtain some benefit from as little as 150 minutes of moderate activity, or 75 minutes of vigorous activity per week.

Moderate activity can be as simple as brisk walking - walking at a pace that you are a little short of breath, but can still hold a conversation with your walking buddies.

To help you achieve your physical activity and health goals, we run a walking group called Windsor Wanderers - leaving from the Beefacres Hall at 1 pm each Thursday and lasting 30 minutes.

So come along and clock 30 minutes of your program with us each week.

What if my health problems prevent me from walking?
We understand that some health issues, for instance severe arthritis or severe heart disease, can make extended walking difficult. For people with more complex issues such as this, Aim Physiotherapy's resident Exercise Physiologist Tim Manning may be able to help, by designing an exercise program tailored to your needs. Consider using an Exercise Physiologist like Tim next time you review your care plan with your regular doctor.

Dr Justin Dooland is a GP and Practice Principal at Windsor Village and Oakden Medical Centres

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