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"Hepatitis” is the medical term for inflammation of the liver. This comes in many types, and like a lot of illnesses can be categorised into acute (recent infection) or chronic hepatitis (prolonged inflammation). The liver is a very important organ and its functions are surprisingly useful!

It acts as a factory for the body by:

1. Processing: filters blood and nutrients coming in from the heart and digestive tract and distributes what nutrients go where and keeps nasties away.

2. Storage: the liver keeps some vitamins and minerals for its self until needed elsewhere.

3. Production: the liver has important role in hormone and  vitamin D production and it also make its own substance to aid in digestion.

Its easy now to see that, regardless of whether or not you have hepitatis we all need to look after our liver.

How do I look after my liver factory? Reduce the work load for the factory.

Healthy diet= less sugar and fats the liver has to filer through Decrease alcohol computation: less toxins the liver has to deal with Exercise: more blood flowing in and out helping the delivery and transport

Have hepatitis and want to start feeling healthier? Talk to you doctor in conjunction with you physiotherapist or accredited exercise phys to discuss a health care plan that is right for you.

Written by:

Olivia Jones


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