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Normally Medicare funds consultations with doctors on the basis of the time spent with them. For simple problems this can be fine, but once you start to acquire multiple or more complicated health complaints this can make management trickier.

Within the Medicare system is a mechanism in which more time can be allocated to manage and plan a person's more complex health problems. These are called Chronic Disease Management (CDM) items, previously referred to as Enhanced Primary Care.

They are divided into a "GP Management Plan" and a "Team Care Arrangement" and these items are usually conducted together.

At Windsor Village and Oakden Medical Centres, our core values include care and excellence, so we prefer to set aside this extra time to plan the care of your medical problems this way. This is the "GP Management Plan" component.

Normally, Medicare does not fund allied health services such as physiotherapy and podiatry. The above mentioned care plan comes with the added benefit of allowing subsidised access, limited to 5 visits per calendar year, to an allied health professional. This is the "Team Care Arrangement" component. Within our clinic we have an extensive network of providers we commonly refer to but we can use the provider of your choice.

The system is structured so that your health problems are reviewed twice per year - every 6 months, allowing for on-going support and comprehensive quality management.

At each review you will meet with one of our experienced practice nurses for at least 30 minutes. She will take you through a checklist for each of your conditions, to ensure that no aspect of your health is being overlooked. A plan for each condition, with your input & goal setting, will be decided upon for the next six months, and the nurse may bring to your attention resources & supports that are available to better manage your condition.

To conclude the care plan, you will then have a standard consultation with your regular doctor who will action any changes that need to be made.

All of our care plan consultations are bulk billed so speak to our friendly staff about organising your care in this way.

For more information, follow this link.

Dr Justin Dooland is a GP and Practice Principal at Windsor Village and Oakden Medical Centres

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