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Our New Years Resolutions are in full force (at this stage anyway!)

At the top of the list is always: Weight loss.

Here are 10 tips to help move those kilos and keep them off:

1. Sit down at the table to eat every meal - don't eat on the run or in front of the TV

2. Eat slowly and remember its OK to leave food on your plate!

3. Never go shopping on an empty stomach and have a meal plan

4. Soup is a good meal replacement option

5. Cut back on the alcohol (even if you only drink a little, you can still cut back)

6. Put away the tempting foods - out of sight, out of mind! Yes that means the cookie jar goes to the back of the cupboard

7. Keep the fridge maintained - if you have "no food in the house", you will buy takeaway

8. Its OK to weigh yourself! It helps you keep track and its normal to fluctuate

9. If you get cravings for sweet things, buy some sugar-free gum

10. When out for a meal, ask the waiter to take away the bread basket and don't order dessert

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